Winter Violas Rotherham

If you want your garden to look good all year, you need some plants that stay beautiful throughout the seasons. There are plenty of evergreen options, and you don't have to be limited to fir trees or particularly wintry shrubs. Winter violas make a beautiful choice, giving you plants that flower through winter to keep your garden colourful. Find your winter violas in Rotherham at Manor Gardens Nursery, where we can provide you with quality plants and tips on how to care for them.

Why Plant Winter Violas?

Winter violas produce delicate flowers in purples and blues, with white and yellow, and other colour combinations. They're an excellent choice for your winter garden if you're hoping to brighten it up. Many people choose to plant them with other winter-flowering plants, such as pansies, which also come in a variety of colours. Violas are resilient and can survive through the frost, making them ideal for winter. Another interesting thing to consider is that violas are edible, making them great decorations for your cakes, as well as your garden.

Start with Some Quality Plants

If you've decided that you want to plant some winter violas, you need to start by purchasing some plants. The best way to get your violas going is to choose some plants that are ready to be planted, rather than growing from scratch. At Manor Gardens Nursery, you can get your winter violas in Rotherham and be sure that they'll look stunning and grow well. When you come to the nursery, you can look at the plants before buying, which isn't possible when you order online.

Planting Your Violas

Even though violas can flower through winter, it's always best to plant in spring and summer. Violas look lovely in flower beds, but the soil needs to be soft enough for planting. One thing you need to remember, whether you plant in pots or beds, is that violas enjoy the sun. Make sure you plant them in a sunny spot. Any good soil will help them thrive, or you might want to plant in pots with plenty of drainage holes, so they don't get too much water.

Winter Viola Care

Proper care for your violas helps them to keep flowering through the winter. They don't need too much care, but there are a few things that you can do to keep them going. For example, by clipping off old flowerheads, you can encourage new flowers to keep growing. Avoid the soil getting waterlogged by not overwatering and ensuring good drainage too. Make sure you don't use compost designed to retain water. Keep pests away to protect your violas and other plants. Try pairing your violas with daffodils or dwarf tulips, but make sure the colours don't clash.

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