Winter pansies Rotherham

Are you looking for the best winter pansies Rotherham has to offer? If so, please don’t hesitate to visit or contact us here at the Manor Gardens Nursery. We have a huge range of stock of all kinds of flowers and plants, and winter pansies are some of our best-selling items.

Winter pansies in Rotherham

If you are are looking for winter pansies in Rotherham, you have found the perfect place to get them. With over 25 years of experience, we have been selling winter pansies to Rotherham residents and beyond for what seems like an eternity. Simply put, we believe we have the expertise you need to buy winter pansies with confidence and make sure you can grow them to perfection and enjoy the riot of colour that many pansies provide.

Why buy winter pansies?

While winter can be a tough time of year for your garden - when it is looking pared back, cold and empty -the winter pansy is the perfect antidote. These wonderful flowers come in a dizzying array of colours, and it only takes a little planning to create a truly wonderful winter garden sight. These exceptionally colourful plants will wow you, and are a delightful contrast to the usual greyness of the UK’s winters.

One of the great things about winter pansies is that they have a very compact growing habit. This means that you really get a sense of the tones and shades they produce during winter - they are all bunched up for maximum impact. Blues, reds, yellows, and even multicolored winter pansies just look incredible, and with some careful maintenance can last you all through the entire winter season and well into spring.

How to grow winter pansies?

As a rule, the best time to buy, plant and start growing your winter pansies is as early as possible. Early planting will take advantage of your garden soil’s extra warmth - it’s typically at its warmest in September and early October. If you can ensure you plant during this time, you won’t have to rely on a hot winter to encourage your pansies to grow well.

There’s another reason to plant early. When you put your pansies in pots, borders or pbaskets in September, they grow quickly and develop robust roots and very bushy tops - which is a signal that they will produce more flowers. And because your plants will be more developed, they will have the strength they need to keep on producing flowers. The reality is that when you plant late, your plants will not grow the roots and bushy tops they must have to keep flowering throughout the winter.

Buy winter pansies

If you are interested in adding incredible colours to your winter garden, why not give us a call or pop by and visit us at the Manor Gardens Nursery? We have a loyal base of customers and are growing in size every year - and we are keen to help ensure that Rotherham gardens are packed full of winter pansies. We are not an ordinary garden centre here at Manor Gardens. Plants have been grown in our nursery for over two centuries, and we guarantee that whatever your gardening needs, you will be met with perfect service - and a smile.