Winter Pansies Hooton Roberts

Find Your Winter Pansies in Hooton Roberts

For a lot of enthusiastic gardeners, winter can feel like a dull and gloomy season. But while the temperatures get frosty, your garden can adapt with seasonal and hardy species, such as our winter Pansies Hooton Roberts selections. Winter Pansies add a pop of colour to your garden beds in winter, creating an attractive and appealing landscape. If you are trying to fight the seasonal gloom, we, at Manor Gardens Nursery, believe that the quickest way to put a smile on your face is to spruce up your winter garden with beautiful plants and flowers.
If you’re not familiar with winter species, such as our winter Pansies in Hooton Roberts nursery, our team of knowledgeable and passionate experts is here to help you find the right flowers to brave the cold.
When should you plant our winter Pansies Hooton Roberts?
When is the best time to look for winter Pansies? We keep our winter Pansies Hooton Roberts selection available throughout late summer to autumn months. The reason for this is that we know that winter Pansies need to grow sturdy roots before the beginning of the frost season. As such, we recommend all our Manor Gardens Nursery customers to plant their winter Pansies in September or early October.
Don’t panic if you’ve missed the deadline. Our floriculture team can help you find the best winter Pansies in Hooton Roberts for your garden. As it’s a hardy species, you can still plant them until November. But we recommend choosing a sheltered spot, as the winter Pansies grow better when you plant them before the temperatures drop.
Keeping your winter Pansies beautiful for longer
We are dedicated to advising our customers who are worried about harsh winters. Winter Pansies at Hooton Roberts are a popular choice because the Pansies can bloom throughout winter and spring, creating a vibrant garden. Maintenance and care require little work, which is why we always suggest winter Pansies for elderly gardeners and amateurs. You will need to fertilise the soil in autumn and spring to nourish your flowers. Our team at Namor Gardens Nursery can help you find the right fertilisers or even give you tips on how to make your own compost. We believe that with the right amount of care and attention, you will enjoy your beautiful winter Pansies Hooton Roberts for up to three years. Do make sure to remove flower heads when they have finished blooming so that your Pansies can produce more flowers throughout the cold season.
Picking the right winter Pansies
Our team can help you select plants that are specially bred to sustain the frost and cold weather. Winter Pansies are on the preferred plant for flower borders as they can survive cold temperatures. They also look fantastic with our other winter flowers such as winter Aconites and Cyclamen, which are both great for texture and colours.
If you are unsure about your Pansies, don’t hesitate to ask one of our Hooton Roberts experts. We can help you differentiate winter from summer species. Besides, we always have a few tips to help you find the right spot for your winter Pansies.

Revive your garden during the cold season with our winter Pansies Hooton Roberts!