Ornamental Plants Rotherham

Ornamental Plants Rotherham

Is your garden looking a little drab? Does your home lack colour? Could the answer be a simple one - investing in ornamental plants? If you want to ensure that both the interior and exterior of your home has the perfect aesthetic appeal, you may want to consider investing in some ornamental plants and using them to enhance your garden as well as your home’s interior.

There is something about plants, isn’t there? They can quite literally, breathe new life into almost any space, making it feel brighter, more lively, and impeccably stylish. Whether it’s an indoor space or an outdoor one, ornamental plants can have a big impact. If you take a look in home and garden design magazines or on photo sharing sites like Pinterest, you will see various ways that ornamental plants can be incorporated seamlessly into your home and garden.

What are the best methods of using ornamental plants in Rotherham to enhance your home and garden? To use plants within your home or garden, it is vital to be selective about the plants that you choose, which is why we at Manor Gardens Nursery wanted to give you some pointers about which plants work well as ornamental features, and how to place them around your home and garden in an aesthetically appealing way.

Which plants work best? At Manor Gardens Nursery, when it comes to choosing ornamental plants in Rotherham, we always recommend choosing evergreen plants because these tend to look good all year round, providing a permanent structure within the home and garden.

For a beautiful ornamental garden, plants like Daphne, which has small but wonderfully fragrant flowers which appear in winter and early spring and Box, an evergreen shrub that is ideal for potting up and placing at the entrance to your home, can work well. Or, Fatsia, a versatile shrub with large glossy leaves is ideal for adding a little elegance to your garden, and lavender, a well-loved shrub that flowers once a year but smells wonderful all year long, can also be ideal.

As for indoor ornamental plants, succulents can work well, such as aloe vera, as can orchids, as long as they aren’t over watered, that is. A spider plant is another ornamental plant that likes to be indoors, as is a Red-Edged Dracaena.

When it comes to how to best display ornamental plants, at Manor Gardens Nursery, we offer an array of different display options, from mixed sized pots to troughs. Often, using a selection of mixed sized, geometric pots can work well, as can using plant hangers - especially for trailing plants, and shelving, of course.

For a wide range of ornamental plants in Rotherham, from houseplants to outdoor ones, and a selection of ways to display them, visit our nursery and have a browse. You will be pleased to find that there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to what ornamental plants to pick for your home and garden, as well as how to display them.