Garden Nurseries Rotherham

There was a time when beautiful gardens were the preserve of wealthy landowners. They would be cared for by teams of professional gardeners, and were often not open to the general public. But in an age when we have more leisure time and disposable income than ever before, it is now possible for anyone and everyone to discover the delights of creating and enjoying a beautiful garden.

Garden nurseries in Rotherham and elsewhere make it easy to find all the varieties of plants you could want for your garden project, along with helpful advice and moral support from other garden lovers. It’s a hobby and way of life which is said to bring tremendous fulfilment and satisfaction, and has a strong social element: meet a fellow gardener, and you could be chatting for hours. Gardens in Rotherham and the surrounding areas are resplendent with the vast range of products available at Manor Gardens nurseries. Not just another garden centre or nursery, we love to bring our customers exotic and fascinating alternatives to the traditional range found in any suburban garden.

Our vast range of ornamental plants will make your garden browsing a real pleasure. Discover new flowers, shrubs and houseplants which you never knew existed. Or if you already have in mind the qualities of the plant you are looking for, we can help you to match the leaf texture, scent or form to your needs. As one of the leading garden nurseries in Rotherham we always have a stock of shrubs suitable for topiary, which are regularly pruned by our resident gardeners to give you an idea of what your specimen could look like.

Some Rotherham residents like to greet their guests with beautiful displays from our garden nurseries in hanging baskets around their front doors. Hanging baskets also lend themselves well to decorating street furniture. They can be planted with bedding plants, of which we have a large selection, including perennial, annual, or biennial plants. Whether you’re looking for spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips or hardy pansies, heathers and primroses which can endure the long winter months, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to point you to just the right choice for your garden. It’s no wonder our Rotherham nurseries are so busy all year round!

Or for something truly out of the ordinary, consider our selection of carnivorous plants. These fascinating species certainly aren’t native to the Rotherham area, and most garden nurseries wont even stock them. But imagine what a talking point it would be when you take visitors into the garden to show them your Venus fly trap!

We realise that not every Rotherham householder can spend hours creating their garden, even with all the stock and products available at our nurseries. With this in mind, we always keep a selection of garden ready plants on hand, to instantly transform your home’s garden areas. And with free advice from our trained staff, we can make your gardening experience a walk in the park!