Garden Centre Rotherham

The most beautiful garden centre in Rotherham

For residents and tourists, Rotherham is a minster town of South Yorkshire, built on traditional industries. From flour milling to coal mining, Rotherham is a hub of traditions, to which we add our traditional, 200-year-old plant nursery. Indeed, our garden centre Rotherham is at the heart of an old tradition of plant growing. We, at Manor Gardens Nursery, have over 25 years of experience in floriculture. We source our inspiration for our unique garden centre by Rotherham directly in the history garden nursery where people used to grow decorative and medicinal plants. Here, plants are bred and grown to create only the best products for our visitors.
We believe that a garden centre needs to be a place where, aside from shopping garden plans and gardening equipment, our customers come to resource themselves. Come, close your eyes, and breathe. We guarantee you will immediately feel at peace in our garden centre near Rotherham.
Inner peace at our garden centre Rotherham
Because we’re located in a parish in South Yorkshire, our garden centre near Rotherhamdelivers the escape you need from the buzz of the urban landscape. It is only a short drive away from Rotherham centre, but you will forget everything about traffic and town buildings once you step inside our garden centre. Manor Gardens Nursery is established in a history garden where plants have been grown for over 200 years. As such, its unique situation gives our garden centre Rotherham a quiet and soothing setting. For visitors, we believe it’s the perfect environment to get to appreciate our beautiful plants. Don’t be shy: reach out to our team of floriculture experts to find out more about each species and fall in love with your perfect garden plants.
Creating your perfect garden in Rotherham
We know that making your dream of a colourful garden town come true is not easy. For a lot of enthusiastic gardeners, planting seeds and bulbs can be a gamble. Indeed, managing soil conditions, temperatures, and plant food is hard work when gardening is a hobby you practice in your spare time. But our team at the garden centre Rotherham understands your challenges. Therefore, we have plenty of ready-to-plants flowers and bedding species to spruce up your garden without all the hassle of growing your own plants.
Whether you’re looking for sturdy winter flowers or fragrant summer blooms, we’ve got your covered at the garden centre. Because we grow all our plants directly at the traditional nursery by Rotherham, we understand best how to maintain your plants and how to help you choose the right plants for your garden.
Back to the roots with our unique garden centre in Rotherham
Manor Gardens Nursery is a family-run business that puts their passion for plants at the service of their customers. We have built our garden centre Rotherham culture on the centuries of gardening traditions from our historical nursery. As such, we inject traditional knowledge and floriculture into everything we do. And we encourage our customers to do the same by developing their green thumbs.

Visit our garden centre Rotherham for inspiration for your next garden project.