Garden Centre Hooton Roberts

Unique Garden Centre Hooton Roberts

What do most people expect from a garden centre?

Garden centres have become synonymous with commercial-scale plant shops, where you can find a selection of overpriced and sometimes wilted garden plants. We don’t deny that they are practical for a last-minute shopping to spruce up the garden. However, we, at Manor Gardens Nursery, believe that the garden centre should be more than a shop for plants.
As such, we have established our garden centre in Hooton Roberts as a place of inspiration for all gardeners, from professional landscape artists to enthusiastic amateurs at home. We want to create with our unique garden centre a place of comfort for homeowners who wish to improve their outdoors, businesses that are looking for a welcoming feature, and everybody else who loves plants. That’s why we grow our own plants in our traditional, centuries-old nursery garden, to guarantee the best quality to all garden lovers.
A peaceful day out of the garden centre Hooton Roberts
Located in the affluent and beautiful civil parish of Hooton Roberts, our garden centre is a place where time passes differently. Visitors can explore our selection of beautiful plants at their own pace. Our family-run business is established in a centuries-old garden, which inspires our peaceful and soothing atmosphere. We understand that gardening is a soothing activity for both professionals and enthusiastic amateurs where you can’t rush nature. As such, we welcome our visitors to our garden centre Hooton Roberts with the same caring and respectful approach that we have with our garden plants. We know flowers need time to bloom, and so do our visitors to discover our selections and make their choices. You can’t rush your garden, nor should you rush a gardener!
Find your new decor at our garden centre Hooton Roberts
At the beginning of your quest for a vibrant plant decor, there’s an emotion. Choosing the right plants for you is all about falling in love with a colour, a texture, a fragrance. Our garden centre in Hooton Robert displays a large variety of ready-to-plant species for front gardens, flower beds, hanging baskets, and even ornamental houseplants. We get it: When you are at the beginning of your gardening journey, you need inspiration. And that’s precisely what our garden centre delivers to the customers: new ideas for their indoor and outdoor decors. If you are unsure which plants to choose for your home, our garden centre Hooton Roberts team is at your service to answer all your questions and help you find the right plants.
Supporting everyone with landscaping & decor projects
We, at Manor Gardens Nursery, know that plants can transform a space. While they do wonders at home, they are also a neat addition to your business and communal areas. Our team of floriculture experts is available to help businesses and communities create easy-to-maintain, beautiful areas at an affordable price. Indeed, because we grow all our plants in our nursery, we can offer our customers low prices compared to the typical garden centre. Additionally, our garden centre in Hooton Roberts is experienced in plant maintenance so that we can share our tips and advice for the best investment in ornamental flowers and garden plants.

Discover our unique garden centre in Hooton Roberts and fall back in love with gardening