Bedding Plants Rotherham

Spring is a time where most of us start to thing about the joys that are accompanied with better weather, more sunshine and the nature that begins awaking and stirring from its winter slumber. For me, one of the joys of spring, involves and includes planning my garden and creating a wonderful display of colour that cheers not only me up, but the people who live with me in Rotherham, and the people who pass by. It would be great if I could take full credit for it, but truthfully all applause is down to the array and choice of plants and bedding flowers available in the market, that adds variety of shape and colour. Bedding plants are just some of the ways that spring says hello to us every year. Popping up to say hello, they are with us for just a few special months within our gardens. For example, we know that daffodils do not last a very long time, yet what a treat to have different species that symbolise our varying seasons so well. The same is true of the crocus's that show themselves and announce to us the new birth of the season.

Rotherham were involved in the Yorkshire in Bloom scheme that towns and cities all over the country seems to be taking part in. And what a wonderful community spirit I have seen it create, especially in the people who already love and treasure the areas they live in such as Rotherham. Every resident in Rotherham can contribute by adding their particular favourite plants and display techniques. A friend of mine built a giant train planter to be placed within a train station. The plants were admired, as well as the inventive way of bedding and placing them.

My favourite bedding plant, has to be pansy's. They are so tough that if I keep de-heading them they just come back and back and create a layer over the soil that stops unwanted growth, such as weeds and moss. These bedding plants are known as biennials and usually only last the one season. But they are so easy to grow and a such a common choice of bedding plant that you can’t resist growing them again the following year.

If planting colourful displays is something you enjoy then bedding plants are definitely the way to go. But, if you also live in Rotherham and you are looking for a new source to select and purchase your annual bedding plants from, then go to Manor Gardens Nursery, situated on Doncaster road in Rotherham. For 25 years this company have grown and provided excellent plugs ready for planting. Apart from doing your own research and drawing on your own skills, you cam ask for the help and advice from the wonderful team working there. It is a family run business and they all understand the needs and properties of the soils that are native to Rotherham, Yorkshire. For more information please go to