Bedding Plant Hooton Roberts

Whether you’re an enthusiastic gardener who wants to spruce up their outdoors or a professional gardener tasked with landscaping a property, a bedding plant selection is always a good place to start. Indeed, why wait for your seeds to bloom when you can already buy a fully grown flower as a bedding plant in Hooton Roberts?
We, at Manor Gardens Nursery, are committed to offering our customers a vast selection of bedding plants that are ready for planting. We know that many of our Hooton Roberts clients need a bedding plant selection to add a splash of colours to their front gardens or their entry ways. Therefore, we take the time to grow and care for each seedling until they are ready to go to your garden. With us, you will always find your dream bedding plant Hooton Roberts based, at our unique and lovely garden centre.
What bedding plant to choose?
There is always a lot of choice in Hooton Roberts. If you are after a specific bedding plant for your front garden, or if you don’t quite know where to start, take the time to visit our range of bedding plants. Because we know that most of our clients make the most of the springtime to create a welcoming and beautiful display, we have the perfect spring bedding plant in Hooton Roberts for you. Spring flowers are, indeed, hugely popular, such as Tulips or Primroses, which add an energetic pop of colour. However, for our clients who prefer a summer begging plant, we have a range of luminous Begonia plug plants to get you started. If you after a bedding plant that can grow high, Sweet Pea is a favourite that can reach up to 6’ high.
In short, there is plenty of choice for every bedding plant needs and preferences. Don’t hesitate to talk to our friendly and knowledgeable team to figure out whether you need an annual, perennial, or biennial bedding plant from Hooton Roberts garden.
Each bedding plant Hooton Roberts is unique
We, at Manor Gardens Nursery, love our plants. As such, we don’t run a mass-produced garden centre. Instead, our team of floriculture experts dedicate all their care and passion for growing plants in our traditional, and century-old garden. It’s because we are passionate about plants, that we promise each bedding plant Hooton Roberts customer the best quality product. We understand each bedding plant and its properties and strengths. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping you find the right bedding plant for your garden, your tastes, your gardening experience, and your soil. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert bedding plant Hooton Roberts team to discuss your needs.
Your garden partner bedding plant Hooton Roberts
We are a family-owned and family-run business with a passion for plants. As such, we have chosen to grow our plants in our 200-year-old, traditional garden in Hooton Roberts. We combine our love for traditional gardening with over 25 years of experience to provide our customers with a unique experience. Step into our garden centre for a unique meeting of colours, fragrances, floriculture, and friendly service.

Come and find your dream bedding plant in Hooton Roberts!